Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some Denver stuff and some other stuff

Thank you Denver:

for Slim Cessna. But my ears are still a bit numb.

Got an LP in the mail a few days ago and they included two catalogs with the order.:

Seriously people? You think I want overpriced new vinyl, overpriced reissue vinyl, or $700 headphones (not overpriced of course)? From a catalog? Is this still an effective marketing tool? Is it still the 90s? Am I 65 years old?

Did you know 3.2% beer:

was legal for 18 year olds in Colorado until 1987? I guess it was kind of like practice beer.

Thank you Slim Cessna:

for Denver.

Speaking of Denver:

I hate when they waste time and space talking about the band Meese, because they just want to be the next "big" pop-rock band (i.e. the next Fray) and well, that's just not that interesting or good for the local scene.

Tons of good concerts coming up this spring:

Damien Jurado, Richard Buckner, Cory Branan, Elvis Perkins, The Flatlanders, Horse Feathers, Lucero - in that order. But probably won't make it to that many of them (also known as can't afford them all).

"Lord I Hope This Day is Good" - Don Williams:

K.C. and Brad just don't do anything on this level, and never will, but you already knew that. And you also know this is why you don't listen to country radio.

Saw one of the best buzzer beater shots I've ever seen in the Colorado state semifinal game:

but I don't guess there's any reason you should care about that.


"so like my sister got me this new fake ID, and the woman is like 5'4" and has long blonde hair and is super tanned, so it's pretty much perfect."

I'm increasingly becoming a fan:

of Denver comic Adam Cayton-Holland's work. I just watched his DVD Dick Jokes for Artists, and it was pretty darn funny. Maybe I'll send you a copy, friend, or at least let you borrow mine. Not the most PC material in the world, but sometimes I think that's not such a bad thing. Plus, there's some poop humor, so you really can't go wrong with this DVD.

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