Saturday, March 14, 2009

Probably not of any interest to you, but...

I know most of my friends basically just tolerate my interest in performance poetry (also know as slam poetry, except that poetry slams have become increasingly boring for the most part). However, over the past few months, I've become more aware of Derrick Brown, who I had the opportunity to see with Buddy Wakefield. You can hardly classify him as simply a poet, although I feel like the more descriptive I am of his performance, the less you are going to be interested in him. Nonetheless, he's kind of a mix of poetry, comedy, music, and a good bit of ridiculousness, to the point that I still can't really tell when he's being serious and when he's not.

What is the best way to make people interested in him? Probably not posting two 10-minute videos, but alas, that's what I'm doing. You don't have to watch. We'll just operate on a Don't Ask Don't Tell policy, so you won't have to feel awkward and I won't have to feel like you are lying about the fact that you care about any of my interests in poetry. I should say that I really can't blame you though, because I haven't been that impressed with poetry slams I've been to, and thus am pretty selective of the poets that I consistently follow.

So, long story even longer, Derrick Brown toured Europe with Cold War Kids some time back, and someone took the opportunity to document that trip. So far, two parts of the video have been posted, and I don't know how much more to expect. (Also, I need to take a minute here to publicly apologize to D____., because we are still sorry about missing the Cold War Kids show you put on back before they got big, which was before people forgot about them again.) There's not really much point to the videos, but they are a fairly decent watch if you can trade in 20 minutes of your facebook time to watch them.

Turns out I wanted him to be in Austin during SXSW so bad that I mistook Austin for Amarillo and posted some jibberish information. And a keen eyed reader gently helped me notice such without calling me an idiot.


Derek said...

It looks like he's playing austin on monday with the info to be announced.

Windfarm said...

what you should have said:

TRY AND PAY ATTENTION! That flyer says "Amarillo." Not the same place, and actually about as offensive as saying all Texans look alike.