Thursday, March 12, 2009

Denver's best columnist about nothing returns

After Westword received orders from the higher ups at the Village Voice Media that they were going to have to cut back on staff, they made the ridiculous decision to get rid of their best column - What's So Funny?.  After many letters to the paper, they decided to bring Adam Cayton-Holland back, but this time only as a freelance writer, and for some reason, in a different section (Music, as opposed to the front section of the paper).  So we had a few weeks of What's So Funny in Backbeat, and all seemed normal, until WSF? just stopped showing up yet again.

Without much of a formal announcement, it seems that the Onion has picked up WSF? in all it's offensive glory, and will also put the column in print once a month as well.  The title is probably not safe for work, (i.e. NSFW ROTFLOLMFAO) but here's the newest column for those of you who are unfamiliar with the consistently funny (or at least consistently distasteful) What's So Funny?

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