Wednesday, March 25, 2009

P.S., this is Austin

Dear Kanye:

Thanks for trying to ruin SXSW by showing up. Sorry, but the festival is not for sundowning major label artists struggling to stay relevant.


should check out Port O'brien. I heard about them from a friend who, heard about them from a friend who...

If you're not reading What's So Funny? yet, here's two more recent gems:

(NOTE: These should be plenty safe for work, as long as you don't read them out loud in an offensive accent.)

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse
Sprawl quiet on the Western Front

The one thing that surprised me about the second linked article above:

was that the copy editors didn't catch the unfortunate confusion of "lose" with the word "loose." Pet peeve of mine.

Saw a person with a square patch of leopard print tattoo:

I guess she just got a swatch of it to see how she liked it?

Can't believe:

I found a 16 Horsepower cassette on Amazon for cheap, but I guess we'll see how the quality is when it gets here.

Did you know there is a rapper/MC with the name LMFAO?

Kind of ruins my plans, since I was planning a breakout album next year under the name   =)
(I was going to go by "equal sign close parentheses" aka "cowboy hat," but I guess those plans are ruined now.)

Found the first 2 seasons of Deadwood for cheap:

but I fell asleep during the first one. Hope that's not a bad sign.

Fantastic new article on the Avett Brothers:

in the new American Songwriter magazine.

The only thing I didn't like:

about the aforementioned article, is that it's written from the perspective of, "well, I'm a songwriter, so I understand their lyrics very deeply and am going to write about how we songwriters really 'get' the Avett Brothers better than most."


it's a great article, but the magazine itself I found a little annoying, because it seems to be written to the specific audience of people who have written 3 songs that are so good they are sure that every one of them would be perfect for Kenny Chesney, if they could just find a way to get him to hear it.


I'm done now.

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