Sunday, March 8, 2009


Richard Buckner is touring again.

Apparently in support of the Merge reissue of 3 of his earlier albums. I guess it was too much to ask for this to be the signal of a new album on the way.


Derek said...

But this is way better news (hopefully) because that will mean more (all) old songs and (way) less looping.

Windfarm said...

I should just email my blog posts to you, since you're the only one that reads it.

Oz Music said...

Hi - did you see my comment in the John Braden post from February?


Windfarm said...

Thanks for the interest. I just posted some music to the John Braden post. Hopefully should work for a while.

Oz Music said...

They're great thanks. What an unusual, almost ethereal voice he has. This really is a very striking sound - the sort of voice that I could listen to over and over. Thanks so for sharing those mp3s.

One thing - did you notice that the Song for Raymondo track recorded in the right channel only? Was it a mono recording anyway perhaps?

Thanks again!

Windfarm said...

It was recorded in stereo, but I'm just figuring out my transfer stuff, and don't even know if I have the capability to transfer in Stereo.

Oz Music said...

No problem. Just wondered because Carriage House Song played in both channels, but Song for Raymondo only played in the right channel.

I apreciate any chance to hear his voice though - many thanks!