Saturday, March 7, 2009

More Stuff.

If you appreciate a good redemption story:

Gran Torino and The Wrestler are both well worth the time.

While it doesn't help you any:

I got our taxes done today.

I still need to watch:

True Stories - David Byrne's movie about west Texas, even though I've owned the DVD for about 5 years.

I'd like to find:

A copy of Sounds from True Stories, the sort-of soundtrack to the above movie, on vinyl, in a record store (i.e. not on ebay).

If you don't get cable:

You're not missing anything, because the best three shows on TV are Friday Night Lights, 24, and Brothers and Sisters.

What do you call it:

If you get the feeling you've had deja vu before?

I've begun to wonder:

How Saturday Night Live has so many funny people and typically can't muster more than two or three really funny sketches per season. I had almost given up on the show before "Lazy Sunday."

The last day:

Of a Circuit City going out of business sale is a sad sad thing. Mobile phone accessories and photo printers are all that's left.

Is Twitter:

Ever going to be good for anything other than checking out the pics Lance Armstrong posted from the Ben Harper concert?

"Atlanta Blue," by the Statler Brothers:


I'd been saying how great it would be all night:

And it was really worth it when Ray LaMontagne played "Trouble" for his second song on SNL tonight. Almost makes up entirely for the past 2 albums that I haven't been able to get into.


Derek said...

I just found a 'true stories' lp in a big box of records that Richard's mom had. As well as a bunch of sealed merle haggard and jimmie rogers. If we work together, maybe we can jack them.

Windfarm said...

I'm not above stealing, as you'll find out when I stay with you in a few weeks.