Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Avett Brothers by Southwest

Two things related to the Avett Brothers at SXSW:

You would think that an NPR official showcase wouldn't run into problems with sound, but given that there were approximately 200 other shows happening at the exact same time, I guess it's understandable. However, for any Avett Brothers die hards, the NPR showcase podcast is a great listen. You can listen here, or you can download it through Itunes on the NPR Live Concerts from All Songs Considered Podcast. Unfortunately, it takes about 10 minutes into the recording before the music starts, so there's not 40 minutes of Avetts like I initially hoped. You will get to hear a new song at the end of the recording though. For anyone scared of how Rick Rubin might change their sound, this song should allay your fears.

Here's a video from the Avetts other SXSW performance, where they play another song from their upcoming album I and Love and You. This one is a bit different from some of their earlier work, but it is still 100% an Avett Brothers song. Hope it stays up for a while, as this is a great song and should be even better on the album.

Two things unrelated to the Avett Brothers:

There's not a podcast to download, and there probably won't be, but KUT has a pretty interesting performance/interview with Howe Gelb of Giant Sand from the SXSW week. He talks about the history of Giant Sand and his relationship with associated acts.

The new J. Tillman album Vacilando Territory Blues, currently out on Western Vinyl, is amazing. Check it out some time.


Dave said...

so so? I did the best I could on a Flip HD Mino...Doccerz

Windfarm said...

My apologies. I think I was referring to some of the static at the beginning, but the sound is clear throughout really and catches most of the song.

Thanks for posting.