Monday, July 6, 2009

This isn't really new, but...

Sleepercar "A Broken Promise"

Bands from West Texas just make me feel good about the world. I love it that Jim Ward has been to rock stardom and back, but continues to live in El Paso, and is apparently helping some friends of his get a new bar started there. I understand he is also helping to produce the new Lusitania album, which will no doubt add to the legacy of El Paso music.

I've not had the chance to see Sleepercar live yet, but am hoping to make a point of it next time they come through town. In the mean time, he has recently released the second of three solo EPs, this one entitled In the Valley, On the Shores, that from what I can tell, are only available here.

I wish I still had the article, but I remember years ago, just after the break up of At the Drive In and subsequent formation of the Mars Volta and Sparta, there was an article detailing the best selling albums by Texas artists over the calendar years. What I remember was that the Dixie Chicks were first, and Sparta came soon after them on the list. They were a band most people hadn't heard of, but it turned out the ATDI fans were so rabid I think basically every single one of them bought a copy of the first Sparta album (and probably the first TMV album as well). Okay, maybe that's not a good story, but I thought it was pretty cool at the time.

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