Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shhh. Don't tell anyone.

The one music event that happens in Boulder each year, when we typically get a slight influx in the availability of good music, has been for years the Triple A Radio Summit. It has brought great acts to Boulder in smaller than normal venues, most recently Ryan Adams at the Fox Theatre in 2007 (I should be shot for missing it, but in all honesty, I did). However, there are typically a number of good acts and those shows almost always sell out. As the Colorado Daily reported, the long time backer of that conference dropped out this year (because it went out of business). However, the event was saved, so to speak, by another organization, FMQB (Friday Morning Quarterback Album Report, if you cared.

The oddest thing is that, despite the fact that the conference is apparently still scheduled, not a single thing has been reported for close to a month, when FMQB was announced as the new backer. Sure, they did say in the article they wouldn't announce the lineup until July 20th, but come on - if it's set, then announce it now. Even though it hasn't been officially announced, I did finally find the schedule here.

I'll be out of town for majority of the conference (not that you care), being held August 5-7, and sadly, I'm not even that bummed about it. The lineup seems to be a bit trimmed back compared to previous years. The Fox has a few acts that might be worth seeing in a small venue. Among those, Ben Harper and Andrew Bird on Wednesday, and Gomez on Thursday. Odd that Yonder Mountain String Band is also playing the conference at the Fox on 8/7 when they already have a sold out show there on 8/27...not that they'll have any trouble selling out again in this town. That thought alone almost brings me to a grumpy old man rant about the state of the Boulder music scene, but I'll spare you for now. Well, except for the fact that it really shows how ridiculous this town's music scene is that the David Gray E-town performance has already sold out.

So in summary, I *guess* the newly sponsored radio summit will happen. However, I'm still not sure anyone is going to hear about it until a week or two before it happens. I guess they are banking on the fact that people in Boulder don't really like good music anymore and will turn out in droves to see mostly non-cutting edge acts.

Well, I say non-cutting edge, but I guess that is unfair to the big Fox second stage show on Wednesday night featuring...yep, Marcy Playground.

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Matt Lax said...

I'm super excited that Marcy is touring. Their new album is great. Many people that haven't heard much of their music think of them as a one-hit-wonder, but they are really deep.

I'm gonna catch Marcy Playground in Boston at the Regent Theater on September 26. It's a great 500 person venue and the show is gonna be AMAZING!