Saturday, July 18, 2009

a good day at the record store

If you have a regular record store in your town that you frequent, you likely know a couple of things. 1.) Once you've gone through the used records a few times, there's not much to look at other than the new arrivals, and unless your store gets tons of new stuff, new used records of interest are few and far between. 2.) You know that because of reason 1, there's a lot bigger satisfaction to finding something good at your local store than locating something on ebay.

You've probably stopped reading by this point, but today was right up there with some great finds. I've come to find that Talking Heads albums are few and far between at record stores these days, and hence finding this one ranked up there with the time I found an original Grievous Angel at Twist and Shout. Also, judge me if you must, but the Jackson 5 Greatest Hits is a 1971 original in great shape (not that I'm planning to resell it), and surprisingly, it wasn't horribly overpriced, as I'm sure a number of Jackson's albums are these days. Some idiot on ebay had one of these same records posted for $500 (it didn't sell).

Rounding out the day's finds were records from John Prine, Faron Young, and Waylon. After a first listen to the Waylon record, I'm really coming to decide that he may be one of the more under-appreciated legends of country music, or more appropriately, of music in general. Not that he's been forgotten, but I think his impact and artistry aren't recognized to the extent that they should be.

We should talk more about this Waylon business soon. Until then, why don't you read up on Littlefield and be ready for a quiz next week.

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