Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Lusitania come to Colorado

One of my favorite up and coming bands will be in the great state of Colorado beginning this weekend. The Lusitania, from El Paso, is making a short run through the state, and I strongly recommend that you make a point of catching one of their shows. The band currently has an 8 song EP out and a 7" vinyl split, which together combine for a set of amazing songs. For those of you playing the record collecting game at home, you should pick up a copy of their 7" vinyl while it is still available, because I get the feeling one of these days in the not-too-distant future it will be a collector's item. Give them a listen and go check out their live show at one of the upcoming shows.

And now for the upcoming shows (in CO & elsewhere):
Fri., July 31st - Bash Riprocks in the Depot - Lubbock, TX with Thrift Store Cowboys & One Wolf
Saturday, Aug. 1st - Triple Nickel Tavern - Colorado Springs, CO w/ Drag the River
Sunday, Aug. 2nd - 3 Kings Tavern - Denver, CO
Monday, Aug. 3rd - Surfside 7 - Fort Collins, CO
Tuesday, Aug. 4th - Larimer Lounge - Denver, CO w/ Action Packed Thrill Ride
Wed., Aug. 5th - Phil's Radiator - Pueblo, CO
Fri., Aug. 7th - Dry River - Tucson, AZ
Sat., Aug. 8th - The Modified - Phoenix, AZ

The band was nice enough to take time out while they are on the road to do a brief email interview. They didn't even question the fact that I can't count, and numbered the four questions 1, 1, 3, 4.

1. How would you describe the band's sound right now? Has it changed in any way compared to your past recordings?

I would describe it as heartfelt songwriting mixed in with drunken barroom rock and roll with a cherry on top.

1. You've been recording a new album lately. Do you have a few details you could provide about how that process is going, and what your release plans are for the record?

We're recording in El Paso with Jim Ward (Sparta). We're about halfway done. It's sounding great and we're really excited for it's release. Hopefully we'll have it done in the next two or three months, after which we will begin shopping it around.

3. How is the rock/indie scene in El Paso right now? Is there strong support of independent bands & music?

There are a lot of talented groups in El Paso and a lot of good music being made. Only downfall right now is good venues to play in.

4. Anything else we should know about the Lucy?

Be on the lookout for the record soon. We'll be touring again come early January.

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