Friday, February 27, 2009


Something I learned today:

Ladyhawke is not the same as Ladyhawk. You've got to have an eye for detail in this world where bands use the same name with or without an "e." As a small bit of trivia, both bands are from Commonwealth nations.

If you didn't know:

My new band is called Smashinge Pumpkinse and I've got a side project called Arcad Fir.

Overheard on campus:

"Mom, if you did that, that would be so awesome. I would, like, come home every weekend if you did."

Overheard in the men's locker room (this is not a joke):

"Yeah, dude, I mean, like the point of ninja training is learn how to cheat without getting caught."


Prius with license plate "GAS LOL"

If you weren't paying attention:

There is a new unreleased Colin Gilmore song available for free download here.

True story:

Back when I lived in Yellowknife, I had a pet bear with diabetes. We had a heck of a time adjusting its insulin to the amount of caribouhydrates it ate.

If you hadn't figured it out:

Two of the above items are not true.

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