Friday, February 13, 2009

ERrrr... what?

I was watching ER last night (final season you know), minding my own business, of course, and they introduce a character who was at the ER to see his sister, who it turns out was raising his daughter.  Anyway, he was generally a hard life type of character, trying to maybe turn things around.  He is also the actor who played Rene in the HBO vampire show True Blood (although I won't tell you any more about that character, in case you haven't seen the series yet).  He's the one with the really strong cajun accent.

Long story short, most of that isn't important.  However, he was playing guitar in the doctor's lounge I think, entertaining the girl (his daughter) while the sister was being treated.  He starts strumming and singing, and I had to check my drawers.  Turns out he was singing "Southside of Heaven" by Ryan Bingham.  Then, at the end of the show, oddly they played more of him (the actor) singing the song.  I thought it was weird they didn't use the Bingham version at that point.  Either way, I guess having a fairly big time indie (edit: major label in sheep's clothing) label can help out your career pretty well.

(I picked the most ridiculous picture I could find)

I've had an ongoing like/hate relationship with Ryan Bingham for some time now.  He came up in the Texas Country scene (hate), but has largely made his way out of that scene (like).  He signed with Lost Highway (like), but his lyrics (at times), can be a bit cliched (hate).  Nonetheless, he is growing on me.  I can't deny that "Southside of Heaven" is a good song, as are "Long Way From Georgia" and "Hard Times."  (I can't believe I'm writing this.)

Apparently he's from Hobbs, NM, which also is allowing me to give him more of a chance, given the west Texas connection (kind of like I do for Joe Ely sometimes - remember "Nacho Mama"?).  On that same note though, I'm wondering why his line "I've been a desperado in West Texas for so long Lord I need a change" wasn't actually written as "I've been a desperado in Hobbs, New Mexico for so long Lord I need a change."  

Oh I'm just kidding around now.

On a completely, couldn't be more unrelated note, can someone please tell me what you think of this band Portugal. The Man.?  They are on tour right now, and I'm liking what I hear right now.  I mainly just need to find out if they have gotten recent attention because various members grew up in Wasilla, Alaska, or if it's actually because they are good.


Derek said...

You know I have to comment and be a jerk on this one. Lost Highway is owned by Univeral Music Group, so they probably have their major label agents working on shutting down your blog as I write this. You didn't pay them to use Ryan's likeness or ask permission to reveal the fact that he's not from Texas. It's all over. Knowing the internet, this comment has ruined any chance of me ever working for a record label or listening to another mp3 on my computer. Damn.

Sorry, I'm at work, so you know... I'm on edge.

Windfarm said...

But subsidiaries are the major labels' way of taking over the indie label side, since bigtime money wasting majors are losing so much money. Wait, I think we're on the same side.

As for the Bingham picture, I expect I will get an email from their lawyers soon. But I was thinking maybe I could get away with it under the "no one reads this blog" clause.

Windfarm said...

Also, can I still stay at your house in a month? or did this blog ruin that offer?

Derek said...

We already have you guys booked for sxsw. You might even have clean sheets.

Yeah, this is like that time Robin from Fleet Foxes said that he would never ever sign with a major label. I guess he doesn't know that Warner owns 49% of Sub Pop. Whew, so close.