Friday, February 26, 2010

SXSW preview - ComboPlate Roster Party/SXSF Benefit

Let's just be honest here, the first day of SXSW is the only day you are going to keep to any kind of a schedule at all. If you haven't completely lost or forgotten your list by Thursday, it will get screwed up by traffic, a hangover, or maybe most likely, day parties not running on any defined schedule.

Wednesday is another story though, a day when schedules might actually hold together. So why don't plan to stop by the ComboPlate Booking roster party on Wednesday afternoon? Entry is free, and I encourage you to participate in one or many of the raffles that will be held during the event, because the proceeds go to benefit Caritas Community Kitchen and Food Pantry. Laura at CBP has been spreading musical goodwill for Caritas since 2002, and this is a great event amidst the pomp and circumstance of all the big money showcases that go on during SXSW week.

And on a personal note, I met my wife for the first time at an A.J. Roach house concert booked through ComboPlate 5 years ago this June, when he played a small show in my garage following a big hail storm in Lubbock. The hail storm doesn't really matter, but it's one of the things I remember about the day.

But back to the roster party, here's the info:

March 17, Wednesday, 2:00pm-8:30pm
Gueros Taco Bar, 1412 S Congress Ave.

2:00-2:40 Elizabeth McQueen
2:50-3:30 Eric Hisaw
3:40-4:20 A.J. Roach
4:30-5:10 Moonlight Towers
5:20-6:00 Michael Fracasso
6:10-6:50 Matt The Electrician
7:00-7:40 Nathan Hamilton
7:50-8:30 Beaver Nelson

I don't know all of the artists' music, but I am relatively familiar with A.J. Roach, as noted, as well as Nathan Hamilton and Matt the Electrician, and I highly recommend all three.

Find additional details at the ComboPlate Web site.

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