Monday, February 1, 2010

Crazy Heart

I finally got the opportunity to see Crazy Heart over the weekend. I can't say that I have a ton to add on top of all of the reviews it has already received. Here are my quick thoughts though:
  • The movie is really good. I wasn't disappointed at all. I think it deserves the fanfare it has received, and seems to have gotten some decent attention in the Oscar nominations.
  • It's reminiscent of The Wrestler, as far as the redemption theme, etc. You'll see what I mean.
  • The music is well done. Colin Farrell is an interesting pick for the country superstar, but he pulls it off. He portrays more of the 80s or 90s country star than a modern one, since modern country stars don't actually sing country anymore.
  • Jeff Bridges nails everything about the part of the troubled songwriter. I heard the part was styled after a number of songwriters such as Waylon, Merle, Kris, and Billy Joe Shaver, although it's much more along the lines of Billy Joe and maybe Townes Van Zandt if you ask me. Huge huge difference between a songwriter who has written some famous songs and a songwriter who is actually famous. Jeff Bridges doesn't have a Waylon Jennings voice, but then again, that's probably the best voice ever to sing country music, so no true critique there.
  • Ryan Bingham plays a small part early in the film and does it well I would say. Also, I think he hasn't received the credit he should for the film being successful. I read an interview a while back that said they've had this script for a number of years, but needed "the song." He wrote that song, and I think it really is pretty integral to this story.
  • And if you're down on Ryan Bingham for any reason, whether he had anything to do with it or not, I was really impressed that his actual band was in the movie also and not just some Hollywood stand-ins.
  • Great overall soundtrack. For music written for a movie, the songs on the soundtrack are really strong.

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