Saturday, February 27, 2010

SXSW preview - 2010 Filter Magazine showcases

I generally don't have a huge amount of concern for promoting the bigger parties out there, but I was impressed by the line-up that Filter Magazine has put together. As best I can tell, the afternoon shows are free, but (maybe) requiring an RSVP (found here) to get in. Maybe they are serious about the RSVPs, but typically things are so disjointed they don't have time to check. The night shows, however, most likely require a badge or wristband unless you are a really smooth talker. Just act like you own the place and you might get in.

As for getting in to the afternoon shows, it all comes down to how popular the shows turn out to be, and how much money the sponsors have put in, because even with an RSVP, there is still there is no guarantee on getting in for non-movers-and-shakers such as myself (and you too). If someone is hassling you about getting in, then you probably don't want to be there anyway.

However, a number of bands on this list caught my eye, some I know, and others I would like to see. Thursday, I would definitely like to see Dawes and Delta Spirit, and Saturday, This Will Destroy You and Sondre Lerche should be worthwhile. Lots of others that probably would be good, but I'm already nearing overload on new band research and don't have that much time to look them up. Further, I don't really expect to be sticking to my schedule by Saturday, as I'll more likely be wandering listlessly at a site TBA.

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