Monday, October 26, 2009

Wre-Wreck Your Life

Bloodshot Records has just announced that they are reissuing a special edition double-LP (including bonus tracks) of the alt country classic Wreck Your Life from Old 97s. The WYL release will be limited to 1,000 copies and will include a second record with all of the Old 97s material ever released by Bloodshot. Check out the pre-order information here.

To my knowledge, the Old 97s' most recent full length LP, Blame It On Gravity, and the two early 7"s from Bloodshot make up their entire vinyl catalog. Nice to see Bloodshot making this a worthwhile buy by limiting the release number. Also good to know that downloads will be available for this release, most specifically for those of us whose copy of Wreck Your Life got loaned and lost many years ago.

The official release date is November 17, 2009, on which day you can open your mailbox and drop the needle on this vinyl and let Rhett stomp a mudhole in your heart just like he did back in 1995 in his black rimmed glasses days.

As a small piece of unsolicited commentary, I don't know how much say the band had in the re-issue and whether they'll see much money from it, but I have to say that no matter that issue, I hope Bloodshot is able to use re-issues like this to keep them afloat through these tough economic times. Bloodshot has consistently and passionately backed unknown artists, rather than releasing albums from major label cast-offs (you know who you are), and they have provided us with some of the best non-mainstream music of the past fifteen years.

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