Friday, October 9, 2009

Flying Burrito Brothers interview

In some of my searching for information about John Braden, I ran across a blog called I Witness, run by a gentleman named Ed Leimbacher (who now owns and operates Mister E Books and Records in Washington state). A few years ago, he (re-)published an interview (in 5 parts) that he did in the late 1960s with Chris Hillman, Gram Parsons, Chris Ethridge and Sneaky Pete Kleinow of the Flying Burrito Brothers and I thought it would be of interest to pass them along.

Part I - Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman (plus a few words from Chris Ethridge and Sneaky Pete)

Part II - Parsons and Hillman (plus Ethridge)

Part III - Parsons , Hillman, Sneaky Pete, Ethridge

Part IV - Hillman alone

Part V - Hillman and Parsons

Part I answers a question I've wondered about for some time - that is, how do you spell the "Sneaky" in Sneaky Pete. The Gilded Palace of Sin LP spells it "Sneeky," while other records from the same time period I have seen spell it "Sneaky." Turns out he didn't really care. Kind of anticlimactic, I know.

On a completely unrelated note, this article from the LA Times talks about the backstory to one of the band's classics, "Sin City."


I Witness said...

thanks for the plug for my 40-years-gone rock journalism and current blog. but ironically i am just as anonymous in your write-up as i was in the original publication when the newspaper mistakenly omitted my credit. so just for the record, i am Ed Leimbacher, and i approve this message!

Windfarm said...

Sorry for the omission. With blogs I'm hesitant to post people's names, but I am glad to add yours. Thanks for posting your great work!