Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Nice interview with Langhorne Slim:
that you can find at gigbot. Interview by Heather Browne of I Am Fuel, You are Friends.

I'm interested in seeing:
the documentary BoneCrusher, a new film that deals with coal mining and all the hazards that go along with it. It would seem this one is more documentary and less artsy, i.e., it isn't another Seven Signs or Searching for the Wrong Eyed Jesus movie. It appears you may already be able to buy the DVD, but I'm not sure.

I would really like to find:
more blogs with really good writing. Less crap and repeat of what other blogs said, and instead actual good original writing. Leave me a comment to point me to some new ones if you know of any. Doesn't even have to be music. You can even self promote, as long as your blog meets the aforementioned criteria. Blogs with good original pictures are acceptable too.

Speaking of blogs,:
for some reason I really like this blog that H. ran across the other day, called My Parents Were Awesome. I would explain it, but you should just check it out.

For anyone:
who puts up with my discussion of spoken word, Buddy Wakefield's new CD Live at the Typer Cannon Grand came out today. Here was his newsletter announcement about it. He's touring with Andrea Gibson, of Boulder, this spring, but I'll tell you more about that as it approaches.

More on this at a later date:
but did you know that full issues of Billboard magazine are archived dating back all the way to 1942 by Google Books? Pretty amazing stuff, for example, to look at the issues from the late '60s. Some issues are missing, I think, but there are more than enough to see lots of cool stuff.

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Peter said...

I've been posting songs and commentary at corduroymountain.blogspot.com. Let me know what you think.