Monday, April 20, 2009

Tom Waits really wants you to buy ringtones

Some idiot with the Twitter address @tomwaits, who has apparently fooled 16,000 people into thinking it really is Tom, has completely blown his or her cover now by posting links to ringtone download sites.  Sure it was mildly clever to grab up the address before anyone else (including Waits' label Anti-), and to post lyrics as though maybe it was Waits himself.  However, for a guy who has made a career out of being cool and tasteful, this online impersonation went south in a hurry.  I really hate to think that some jackass made a quick buck off of this.

This is why the internet is ruined.  Please don't follow this idiot on twitter.

And to this idiot him/herself, the "how I can prove it's really me?" schtick is lame.  How about this? --  take a picture of yourself and post it to twitpic.  You can't fool me dude.

Okay, I'm done now, sorry that this is probably not of interest to anyone else, but that's what this blog is for.

Update:  I guess Tom got shut down.  Oh well, hope you got some sweet ring tones out of it.

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