Thursday, April 16, 2009

A few things

First off, I still can't understand how there are people in this country who approach a self serve drink machine as though it is a TI-82 graphing calculator.

Secondly, Monahans is coming out with a new album, titled Dim the Aurora. One new track from the album is available here. However, I'm not sure that is going to do you a ton of good, since their albums seem to need to be listened to all together. Nonetheless, I'm definitely looking forward to this one.

Monahans Sandhills State Park (no relation to the band)

Thirdly, I just read here that festival promoters are allowing fans to put tickets on layaway, paying for part now and the rest at a later date. Sounds to me like a situation where the rich keep getting rich on the people who are hoping they can scrape together the $250 to see Dylan at Rothbury this July.

Here are the terms (found here) :
"Weekend Ticket - Layaway
ROTHBURY's Layaway Ticket Program allows you to pay for your ROTHBURY Weekend Ticket in three (3) installments. You pay $99.50 (plus ticket fees and shipping and 100% of Ticket for GOOD donations or RV Pass costs if applicable) at the time of purchase. Then, $75.00 will be automatically be charged to your card on 5/7/2009 and another $75.00 on 5/28/09.

Ticket fees are $26.00 per ticket, and include a $2.00 contribution to the Grant Township Land Improvement Fund, $5.00 facility fee and service fees.

There are no refunds. If you default on any of the payments you will lose any deposits and your order will be canceled."

So in these uncertain times, the promoters are using the failing economy to their advantage. Let's assume you make the first payment of 99.50 (plus I'm sure you pay the fees up front too), and maybe even pay the second payment of $75. But oops, your personal financial situation takes a turn for the worse, and you can't pay the last payment. Now they have at least $200 of your money, and don't even have to accommodate for you, and they can open that ticket up to sell to someone else for $300 or more after you default.

Dear Big Money Music Industry:

Please die now so we can try and live decent lives again.


There was some other junk I was going to post about the Fleet Foxes, but I'll do that later. This layaway business has me all worked up.

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