Friday, April 24, 2009


I've been busy doing "work" and "looking busy" lately, and haven't had much chance to post. Hopefully you've been keeping busy yourself by reading Ashton Kutcher's Twitter while I was away.

In my only exciting news, the Avett Brothers are starting to announce tour dates in support of their new album, I and Love and You, and they will be appearing at the Boulder Theater on August 21st. Hopefully coming to a town near you soon as well. Given that tickets go on sale in exactly one week, I am heading down to the box office to set up my tent as soon as I post this.

Finally, I spent the better part of a morning at Kinkos, and of all the employee rage I could see bubbling just beneath the surface, this moment really took the cake:

Assistant Manager: Our shipment of blah blah blah is not coming in until blah blah blah.

Employee: Sounds good, that should work fine.

Assistant Manager: The only problem is we may have to go pick it up at blah blah blah. Hopefully we can send what's his name to pick it up, but beyond that I think it will work.

(here comes the moment you've been waiting for)

Assistant Manager: Is that Cool yo? (or "Coolio?" -- not sure how he would have spelled it)

Employee: Sure. (but at the same time thinking: I hate my life so much right now)

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