Sunday, April 5, 2009

I watch these things so you don't have to

I always feel really embarrassed afterwards when I let people know I watch things like the Grammy awards or the Academy of Country Music Awards, but nonetheless, here I am doing it again. The ACM's are on tonight, and now that Nashville owns Texas country, I couldn't help but watch for the folks who are nominated that I had occasion to share a stage with back "in the day" (Eli Young, Randy Rogers). Sad, I know, but such is life.

Usually my watching the country music awards involves me finding out what the hell has been going on in country music for the last year, typically followed by a good deal of disgust and throwing things at the TV. Nonetheless, here's my thoughts so far:

"Johnny and June" - by Heidi Newfield - I don't respect anyone that sings about Johnny Cash in a way that is this obvious. If you sing about Johnny Cash, you better do it in a way that no one can tell. This song is 100 times worse than all the bad covers of "Folsom Prison Blues" I've heard over the years, and yes, I do still walk out of any establishment for the duration of the song when I hear someone play it.

Toby Keith just played. There's not an online link to it, but the new Rolling Stone, with Lil Wayne on the cover, has a great story about Kris Kristofferson putting TK in his place a few years back. Read it in the bookstore if you can't justify buying it, but it's well worth it if you take some pride any time you hear a real country musician taking the wind out of Toby's sails.

Someone just got compared to Waylon - this is going to be good. Jamey Johnson...this stuff is going to put me in my grave.

Jamie Foxx introducing George Strait. I can get on board with this. No matter what George is doing now, he can do no wrong as a result of his work in the 80s.

Looks like he's still got it. I'm going to have to put in a vote for him for Entertainer of the Year.

The Lady Antebellum performance is taking away my last energy. I'll update again if I can, but I'm pretty sure it's all downhill now that George has played.
I'm back, if only briefly. Sugarland just accepted their award for Best Vocal Duo, and made the comment that their band would "blow your face off." Kind of funny really, with them not being country and all, and makes me think of a real country musician, Billy Joe Shaver, who really did nearly blow a guy's face off. Now that's country music.
John Rich just played. Not even going to dignify him with a degrading comment.

now Miley Cyrus - I guess she's sticking to the demographic that doesn't care (as much) about the racist remarks she made a few months ago and then fake apologized for.
Brad Paisley gets top male vocalist. I can live with that - anything that keeps KC or TK from winning. Plus, he did "When I Get Where I'm Going," which gives him a pass on most of his questionable songs.
and blah blah blah it's over now. nothing of note left to report.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint you but that bit with Toby and Kris was all a lie. Kris called the guy out on it and so did Toby. Its really sad when a man like Toby is honest and tells it like it is people don't like it. I would rather be around Toby than Kenny who is a yes man and couldn't do anything on his own, has to follow the crowd, the only reason he wins the awards he is a brown noser, Toby isn't.

Windfarm said...

Well, for the sake of truth, turns out you're right, and what a shame.

Toby might call it likes he sees it (and in a way that profits him), but I think we'll have to disagree on him telling it like it is.

Derek said...

Toby tells it like it is to make a bigger profit. It's his thing...or I should say his label's thing for him.