Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ashes of my bank account

I managed to avoid maxing out my credit cards for Record Store Day today, but I did feel like I went a little overboard at times. At least it only happens once a year. Found basically everything that I wanted to, mostly 7 inches, and even ran across some cheap used stuff I'd been searching for while I was there - namely Gilded Palace of Sin from the Flying Burrito Brothers and Texas Cookin' by Guy Clark.

It wasn't necessarily a limited edition or any faux special deal like most of the Record Store Day items, but I did pick up my copy of the Ashes of American Flags live Wilco DVD.

I am always hesitant about buying these borderline mainstream things, not that I'm that cool, but rather I just figure everyone I know will have it and I'll see it eventually. However, I'm really impressed with the DVD so far. It's a great compilation of live performances with short interview pieces in between, with songs spanning most of Wilco's tenure.  Nels Cline pretty well kills the guitar throughout the entire disc.  (Speaking of Nels, I'm still bummed that I missed  90% of the Nels Cline Singers show I won tickets to last year...but I digress...)

Speaking of Wilco's tenure, I really have to admit that I never could get into the Being There album back in the day, as hard as I tried. Really blows my mind that that band has evolved into the Wilco of today. I guess it's been a good selection of new band members along the way as much as anything, but I honestly can hardly believe that the fairly run of the mill band from Being There ended up making Yankee Hotel Foxtrot two albums later. Had BT been their high point, Jeff Tweedy today would be "that guy who was in Uncle Tupelo," rather than the indie rock star he is instead.

And if I could digress just a bit more, does Wilco bassist John Stirratt maybe have the best job in the world? He's in a successful rock band, making a comfortable living, touring wherever he wants, is still a part of a group making relevant music, but is not so famous that he can't walk down the street. His job is to play the bass and look cool. Pretty sweet gig overall I'd think, plus he's pretty good at being the laid back bass player.

Note: The DVD advertises, and even has instructions for, a free Audio download, but oddly when I follow the instructions it tells me to, I have not had any luck getting to the download area. A little help here? Anyone?

Finally, I think I already recommended this, but you need to head over to Slaid Cleaves' myspace and check out his new song "Cry" if you haven't already.

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