Sunday, May 10, 2009

In case you were wondering

The Kris Kristofferson/Toby Keith flap that I mentioned here seems to have largely faded into obscurity, which is generally fine with me.  It somehow brought a TK fan to find my blog, which has led me to work diligently to make sure that never happens again.  Anywho, both sides were denying it, and everyone has mostly stopped talking about it altogether, but I thought I should share one tiny tidbit with you.

It turns out that Kris's wife remembers the encounter.  If you're like me, this info helps me immensely and really helps put Kris back up where he needs to be in the world of Outlaw Country.

Toby Keith is not/never will be an outlaw.  Remember this line from one of his big hits?

"you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, I wanna talk about, I wanna talk about me..."

Let's just leave it at that.


Tobybear said...

OUTLAW means going against the law which is NASHVILLE and the SUITS. Toby has done that all along. He has had to fight his way to get where he is. He doesn't kiss ass like all the other guys do, that makes him an outlaw, not the songs he writes.

As far as Kris' wife....who is she. No one else remembers it but just because she says she does, that makes it gospel? I tend to believe Toby, Willie and Kris. If I would say something like that I WOULD REMEMBER IT and so would anyone else. Kris doesn't that makes me believe him.

You don't like Toby fine but don't lie about him. As far as Ethan goes, he needed money and figured this was a good way to get it. And he is a COWARD too because he was afraid to use Toby's name. What a jerk he is. He can't write without lying.

heather said...

i think the real point of this post is that kris kristofferson is worth listening to and toby keith is so fucking vapid and ridiculous that any store where he gets told to fuck himself is a good one.

it doesn't matter if it really happened. it's nice to think it did happen, but even if it didn't... my heart swells a little knowing someone worth a shit told toby keith where to stick it.

anyone that really gives a shit about standing up to "nashville" and "the suits" wouldn't listen to toby keith. period.