Thursday, May 14, 2009

I probably got a little too excited about this...

but Rhett Miller and Steve Earle were on 30 Rock's latest episode Kidney Now! along with Elvis Costello, Adam Levine, Sheryl Crow, Mary J. Blige, Moby, Clay Aiken, Wyclef, Rachel Yamagata (I was just told) and a number of others. I had a bit of a moment in our living room when I recognized Rhett. Steve was front and center, but Rhett was in the background and they never really zoomed in on him. I'm guessing it had to do with both of them having albums coming out soon.

Also, looks pretty sweet that Old 97s upcoming tour will feature Murry Hammond and Rhett Miller performing their respective solo material.

Speaking of Steve Earle, glad I didn't cough up the $30 to see him last summer given that he's doing a free in-store tomorrow. Of course I'll probably blow $30 buying his new Townes tribute on vinyl.


Derek said...

Yes! Bulldogs and Doug Burr!

Derek said...

whoa, mis-comment on my part.