Monday, May 11, 2009

Not a music entry, but I just couldn't help myself

If you read this blog, you probably don't care about pro basketball, and even if you do, you probably don't care much about the Nuggets. That is all completely understandable to me. However, if you haven't stopped reading yet, you should check out the recent ESPN article about Chauncey Billups. It's really a fantastic story about one of Denver's hometown heroes. As much as the moniker of "Thuggets" was hard to argue with at times last season, I really don't think it's accurate anymore. As badly as the NBA likely wants to see a LeBron vs. Kobe finals series sheerly for monetary reasons, I honestly believe the Nuggets just might have tapped into the Rockies magic from a year and a half ago. No reason to get ahead of myself, but they are playing good basketball right now. And you've got to love Chauncey's personal road to the spot he's in now.

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