Thursday, March 4, 2010

SXSW preview – The Love Language

Photo: Michael Triplett

Sometimes there are bands that hook you with one song and The Love Language is just that band. I’m not sure how I stumbled upon the song, but “Lalita” was instantly in my head and stayed there for the next week. I eventually listened to their entire debut album and became even more of a fan. The Chapel Hill band is fronted by Stuart McLamb and combines every genre of music to create a raucous party of pop music. Their party is reportedly even more intense in a live setting than on their 2009 debut album.

The Love Language has just finished recording their debut album for Merge Records entitled Libraries. Their new label happens to be the perfect home for their brand of music which includes soul, country, folk, and good ol’ fashioned rock & roll. I’ve put them on my “must see” list and it shouldn't be hard with the number of times that they’re playing.

Thur., 3/18 – Aquarium Drunkard’s Party at Lambert’s, 12 PM
Thur., 3/18 – Home Slice Party, 1:30 PM
Thur., 3/18 – Trekky Records Party at The Parlor in Hyde Park, 6 PM
Thur., 3/18 – Merge Showcase at Cedar St. Courtyard, 1 AM
Fri., 3/19 – Backyard BBQ, 2 PM
Fri., 3/19 – Party at Beauty Bar, 5:30 PM
Sat., 3/20 – Off the Beaten Track Session, 11:30 AM
Sat., 3/20 – IFC Studio, 1:30 PM
Sat., 3/20 – Pure Volume Party, 2:30 PM

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