Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Two Birds with One Stone: Fallon and Springsteen

Two thoughts to pass along. First, Springsteen was on Fallon last night. If you missed it, check out Hulu, because it was amazing. Not convinced? Well what if I told you that he played two songs with the Roots as his backing band? Yes, it was amazing. The interview was great. Hope you catch the re-run or the online version.

Secondly, through all the Conan/Leno business, a really funny thing happened. Jimmy Fallon became the best late night host on network TV. It's too early to compare him to Conan's new TBS venture, but the important comparison I think, is that his show is far more entertaining than Letterman now. His quirky humor has basically made it such that every night is like an SNL episode. Sure he cracks up at some of his own jokes, but that's what is so funny about Jimmy Fallon in the first place. Jimmy Fallon laughing in the middle of skits with Will Ferrell basically saved SNL in the 2000s in my opinion. I honestly did not think I would like him as a Late Night host, but I have been proven very wrong on that thought.

I don't know that he'll ever be in a position to take Leno's spot (and doubt he would want to), but as long as he can keep doing what he is doing in his current spot, I'll be more than happy. I used to love Letterman, but his humor is just a formula. Same thing night after night. What I love about Fallon is you just don't know what he's going to do or say next. I don't expect late night talk shows to be this funny, but he consistently is.

Here's, um, Neil Young performing Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair Back and Forth" with a very special guest from the 1980s.

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