Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Don Williams Lubbock concert - 10/5/10

Lubbock, TX has hit the lottery, it appears, as Don Williams has chosen it for one of his "after retirement" concert dates. As you may or may not know, Williams played a farewell tour approximately 4 years ago accompanied by the announcement that he was retiring from public life. H. and I were lucky enough to catch him in Denver on that tour, but fortunately for us all, he is putting together a short tour in recognition of his induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Williams may be playing Lubbock because of his West Texas roots, specifically that of being born in Floydada. The dates he has picked are limited and mostly regionally confined to the American South. Williams is often forgotten as one of the great country music artists of yesteryear, but his catalog is truly amazing. DO NOT MISS the chance to see him live. Williams is a true icon in his genre.

Williams will be playing October 5th at the Citibank Auditorium in Lubbock (Details here). For details on his other (mostly) October tour dates, check out his Web site.


Lora said...

Hi, I just want to ask a question. Do you know what church, if any, Don Williams belongs to? I have read that he is a Christian, but no mention of any particular group.

Windfarmblog said...

Couldn't tell you. don't have much personal info on him.