Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Nathaniel Rateliff Daytrotter session

I know the non-Denverites amongst you may be resistant to hearing me rave about Denver's best new act, but I honestly believe you are all going to know about Nathaniel Rateliff before too long. His debut album In Memory of Loss has been out for around two months now and I continue to listen to it on a regular basis. You'll hear more about that album when I get around to my backlog of album reviews.

For now though, you should know that Daytrotter just posted a new session from Rateliff, and as usual, it is free to download. Check out the session here.

The four songs in this session are absolutely representative of Rateliff's amazing work, and his phenomenal backing band shows through on the tracks as well. "Brakeman" is one of my favorites of Rateliff's from his full length, and this version is outstanding as I would have expected. You'll also find a new song that is not on In Memory, entitled "Pounds and Pounds." I think I've heard the song live once before, and it's fantastic. Did I mention the download is free?

Rateliff recently played the Daytrotter Barnstormer tour, and my hope is that recordings from those shows will be available for download at some point in the foreseeable future. I have recently come to realize that I may not have the opportunity to see him again live before we move from Colorado, but at least he's put out two Daytrotter sessions and a full-length record that I can continue to try to make all my friends listen to. Just start listening now so I don't have to start hassling you about it.

Also, have I mentioned that Nathaniel looks a LOT like Daniel from Thrift Store Cowboys? If there is any way I can get them together for a picture at the UMS, I think the world may explode.

Image by Johnnie Cluney via Daytrotter.

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