Monday, June 21, 2010

Dylan LeBlanc - "If Time Was For Wasting"

One of the better unexpected surprises at SXSW this year came from seeing Shreveport, LA, singer/songwriter Dylan LeBlanc play at the French Legation Museum. (Derek's write-up of that performance.) What was amazing was that this young songwriter didn't even have an album out at the time, although it had recently been announced that he signed with U.K.-based Rough Trade Records.

The wait for some recorded material for purchase is partially over, as Rough Trade recently released a 7" single of "If Time Was For Wasting" with b-side "Jack," as well as an iTunes download of the songs and a new music video, embedded below.

LeBlanc's full-length record, Pauper's Field, is set to be released by Rough Trade on August 23rd.

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