Saturday, August 22, 2009

Munly, Slim Cessna & Denver Broncos UK updates

Though few and far between, every so often I run across some Munly updates that are of interest, although they are almost always completely random as his mode of operations is basically the antithesis of shameless self promotion.

I've just found that Munly and the Lupercalians are slotted to play the Vendetta Festival in Denver on Sept. 27th. Oddly, the festival appears to be listed as featuring Electronica and Industrial music. I don't know that Munly technically fits either of those categories, but . Ticket information can be found here. The Munly fans that make this show will really have to be die-hards, as I personally don't think I'm willing to buy the $40 day pass for Sunday just to see the Lupercalians show.

(Photo credit Gary Isaacs via the Denver Bronco's UK myspace)

In non-Lupercalians news, the Denver Broncos UK recently played a show at the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh. This project is comprised of Slim Cessna, Munly, and Dwight Pentacost. The band posted some pictures from the show, and it would seem that they really put in some effort on adding a visual aesthetic to the show. Some excellent pictures from the show can be found at this Flickr page as well.

I ran across a review/account of the show on the Slim Cessna Yahoo group, and rather than plagiarize the author, I'll just link to it here. Highlight of the review is definitely the story that when someone got up to go to the bathroom during the show, Munly stopped the music and said he would wait until she got back, and then he did just that.

I don't know the history of this band well enough to say much more about them. They've been around on myspace for some time, but this is the only show I remember seeing listed. I am not aware of any past Denver shows, but my hope is that now that they've played a couple of shows, they'll want to play a few more in the foreseeable future. This band and all its affiliated artists do well to maintain quite a cult following, but at times its easy for one to miss out on what's going on with them because only Slim Cessna's Auto Club plays with any frequency. Speaking of, they'll be touring the west coast in late Sept. & early October.

And with that small gathering of information, that's about all I know.

Update 01/22/2010: SCAC releasing an album of rarities & outtakes.

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