Monday, August 24, 2009

Elmer Kelton 1926-2009

Yes, I know this is another non-music post. However, I had to post a short personal note about the passing of Western author Elmer Kelton. Kelton was one of the best writers who wrote about the real west, that is, the one where real people struggled against various adversities to make a living in a harsh climate. I had the pleasure of meeting Kelton once many years back at a book signing, and also am the proud owner of a copy of The Time It Never Rained that Kelton inscribed to my grandparents with the following:
To Dorothy & Bert,
Who already know a lot more about drought than they really want to.
Elmer Kelton 2/22/75.

Even if you've not heard of him, it should say something that the New Yorker just published a note about his death. I'm not aware of his health status in recent years, but I know he has remained productive up until relatively recently. While his books may be largely focused on a time that has passed, I hope that his important depiction of those times is never lost.

Both images courtesy of this site, which by the way, has lots of other good Kelton info if you're interested.

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