Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lubbock & West Texas & Stuff

Just to clarify:
West, TX is not in West Texas.

It had been too long:
since I had seen a One Wolf live show. DM is one of the best songwriters I know and he was nice enough to take requests during this show. Have you still not picked up the One Wolf/TSC 7" split?

I don't know how long the link will work:
but Spinner just posted a free download of one of the new Avett Brothers songs, which happens to be the title track from their upcoming album I and Love and You. I and Love and This and Band.

Got a chance to see Lubbock's own My Milliner. Definitely the type of band I love to see in Lubbock, although they might be over the heads of the above average Lubbock music fan. Best moment of the set was the announcement that "we may have just run out of songs."

I was doing some random junk on the internets:
and ran across this David Byrne blog about going to Marfa. Worth a read when you get a minute.

I know most people think its cool:
to hate living in Lubbock. However, if people would just think about its potential, it could really have some draw for the hipster crowd. Proposed city slogans: "Lubbock: You can still smoke in bars here" or "Lubbock: Drink at a bar all night for less than $20 (and maybe $10)" or "Lubbock: You can still pay $5 to see good music here." If someone makes a good poster with this or your own Lubbock slogan, I will post it here.

Seriously Lubbock:
How hard is it to support something other than a chain restaurant?

Denver traffic:
SUCKS. Ironically, we hit maybe the worst Denver traffic I've ever been in (like 2 hours for a few miles bad) on BIKE TO WORK DAY!!! No matter how hard you try Colorado, you're still not that green. The high numbers of people who do bike to work are the only thing that keeps this place from having Houston or Phoenix levels of horrible traffic.

Sign reading "Speed Monitered by Aircraft" and 10 or so miles later sign reading "Speed Monitored by Aircraft." I guess if you spell it wrong the first time, then you can always correct it the second time around.

Casino commercial that said "are you ready for the thrill of craps?"

Whether you'll admit it or not:
The Lonesome Dirge by Rodney Parker & 50 Peso Reward is just a great album for driving, or as frat boys say "road trips." It took me a few listens to get into this album, especially the tempo changes and guitar shredding, but now it provides quite the forum for my air drumming and air guitar (on an air flying V) on I-25.

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