Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I realize there's no reason you should care about this...

but I've really been impressed with the playlist of Denver's Indie 101.5 FM. Sure they get bogged down in some music I'm not terribly enamored with, but just when you're about to get fed up, they'll play Band of Horses or DeVotchKa, and all is right with the world again.

The real problem I've found is that reception is horribly spotty, and are almost reminiscent of my youth in west Texas, where I affixed all sorts of wires and tinfoil to my radio antenna with the hopes of picking up a decent radio station, and only then if the weather conditions were just right.

I don't understand how a Denver radio station can go entirely to static in...Denver. Not Castle Rock, not Loveland, not Golden, but Denver. Reception in Boulder ranges from great to not worth waiting for the signal to come back.

But here's the kicker, for anyone still with me. Yesterday, I was driving up Boulder Canyon to Nederland, with probably 500 feet of rock on either side of me, absolutely no cell phone service, and as I turn on my car stereo planning to put in a CD, what do I hear? Well, Indie 101.5 of course. Not a faint signal or an intermittent snippet of music, but just solid, clear radio. I hope you weren't expecting me to give you explain this phenomenon, because I haven't the foggiest. If nothing else, I guess now the canyon has got that much more rock...just don't plan on calling in a request on your cell phone.

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