Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Very Short Interviews, Part I - Daniel Markham (One Wolf)

I am starting a new segment, that unlike other segments on this blog, will actually be a recurring item. The idea is that I will conduct a (very) short email interview with various musicians of my choosing or of your suggestion. There are no rules here, but they will generally be longer than a "sec" but shorter than a "like forever."

For the very first installment, I had the brief distinguished honor of talking with Daniel Markham, brain extraordinaire behind One Wolf, a.k.a Un Lobo, not to be confused with Los Lobos, or any other lupine-related band. Quite recently, he put out an outstanding new CD you can check out here.

In the interest of not letting the intro be longer than the interview, let's get started.

wf: You just went on a tour to the west coast. Tell us something about how bad it smells when 26 guys ride in a van for 2 weeks. Or maybe something else about that trip that is more interesting than dude funk.

dm: it's funny. i packed clothes for every day of the tour just because i don't like smelling bad. but, i was the one being made fun of for being clean? that didn't make a lot of sense to me. i guess being dirty for two weeks is some kind of rite of passage for musicians. i don't get it.

there were so many things that happened that were interesting. but since this is a short interview, i'll keep it short. visiting the town where twin peaks was filmed was pretty surreal for me. i couldn't believe i was there, and then some people at the diner asked if i was related to peter fonda. i guess i did look pretty "easy rider" at the time.

wf: What are your current plans for One Wolf? and when I say current plans, I mean future plans, because obviously you are at your computer right now.

dm: i'm working on a small texas tour right now for july, then hopefully another in the fall with my favorite band of all time, sf59. then, i'll be moving to denton in august with charlie shafter and the gnomes. i'm writing a lot of songs lately, and i'm looking at next summer to record a new album. i'm just really looking forward to moving to a new community that seems so alive with music. i was super inspired by mount righteous. so hopefully it will be the right thing for us.

wf: Discuss 3 of your current musical influences in 2 words or less (feel free to cheat).

dm: queens of the stone age-BAD ASS!
sf59-so underrated
pj harvey-always exciting

wf: Am I forgetting to ask anything?

dm: what was your favorite series on 90's nickelodeon? PETE & PETE!

wf: Did you grow up hearing that using condiments could help prevent STDs?

dm: i grew up in rotan, so anything's possible. they do make some really strong mustard these days, though.

wf: Now you ask me a question (make it a good one).

dm: do you really hate it when people make grilled cheese sandwiches in your house without your permission?

wf: I live for that, and sadly it just doesn't happen enough.

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