Thursday, May 15, 2008

Albums I still just can't help but like, Part I

  • Red Headed Stranger - Willie Nelson.  You've all heard "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain," no doubt, but if you haven't listened to this entire album all the way through, then you are most definitely missing out.  If at all possible, I would recommend listening to this album on vinyl.  After all, that's how it was intended.
  • ¡Viva Terlingua! - Jerry Jeff Walker.  All of Jerry Jeff's more recent work aside, this one really is a classic.  No matter how much the Texas country scene has bastardized this whole style of music, Jerry Jeff doing "Desperados" and "London Homesick Blues" is simply spot-on.  No, he didn't write either of those songs, but the ambiance of the recording is just so incredible.  Sure, he may have influenced some horrible Texas country folks down the line, but don't blame him, he was just having a good time.

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