Saturday, September 24, 2011

Not the best post, not the last post, but kind of both for a while

So the old Windfarm has been pretty inactive these days, for various reasons, among those chiefly the day job and living in a cultural desert. Thanks to both of my readers for hanging out the last 3-plus years. It's a bit sad to me that I have fallen off of writing so much in such an amazing year for new music (seriously, please check out Death of a Decade by Ha Ha Tonka). Nonetheless, rather than be that blog that just stopped abruptly, I wanted to put something up as a placeholder of sorts. I'll probably still post from time to time when Jason Aldean puts out a new country rap song, but otherwise, why keep just putting up music calendars in a place without music (Marfa excepted, of course)?

I still use Twitter under the Windfarmtx name, actually more lately than ever before, and you will no doubt find me talking an embarrassing amount about things like college football. I'll still tweet about the occasional good local show, but like everything else on twitter, each will fade into obscurity an hour or so after it is posted. For everyone's benefit, no doubt.

In the meantime, as I said, not the best post or the last post, but sort of, solely on account of this video. I'm not the first to tell anyone about it, but these three and a half minutes basically summarize everything that Windfarm was around for in the first place. Easily the best musical moment of 2011.


derek said...

A sad day for my google reader.

lush said...

Mine too. Especially since I still go back and forth to West Texas from Austin at least once a month. You'll be missed. Damnit.

katsii said...

love that video. Hope it's NOT the last.