Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Richard Buckner - Our Blood

Today marks the release of Richard Buckner's Our Blood, his first release in 5 years. Buckner has received a great deal of praise throughout his career, and the hiatus has no doubt been tough for his loyal fanbase.

Richard Buckner - "Traitor"

The beauty of having a new release from Buckner is that we have the chance to hear from him in interviews. As an artist who rarely, if ever, talks while performing, it is fortunate that he has been quite generous with the interviews he has done leading up to this record. You can find a number of them out there, although this one from Magnet Magazine is one of the better ones I have seen. In it, you can find a brief summation of the reasons behind his 5 year gap between albums.

To put in perspective how long ago Meadow was released, the vinyl resurgence among indie labels was not yet very far along and it was available only on CD and mp3. Therefore, Our Blood is, to my knowledge, his first full-length album available on vinyl. It was worth the wait.


lush said...

No Depression has a great two part interview with Buckner up as well. Part one goes over all of the work prior to Our Blood - working with Calexico's Joey Burns and John Covertino on Devotion & Doubt and The Hill, etc... - part two is a bit more in depth look into why it took five years for Our Blood to arrive.


I've been listening to this album almost non-stop for the last week thanks to a friend with an advance copy. I'll be stopping by the recorde store this evening to pick it up on vinyl. Buckner on vinyl. Major geekout material.

Windfarm said...

The No Depression interview really is a good one. For such a reserved figure, he has really provided a lot of personal information lately.