Friday, January 28, 2011

Nathaniel Rateliff - Mile Marker session

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Oh man, what I would give to be in Denver right now kicking back a 5 Barrel and listening to this guy.

Easily one of the best music blogs in the country, the Denver Post's Reverb just released their Mile Marker session for Nathaniel Rateliff, featuring an acoustic session with Nathaniel and backing vocals by Julie Davis and Joseph Pope. Mile Marker is roughly Denver's equivalent of Daytrotter, except much more like Daytrotter when it was relatively new. That is, they have very few sessions up right now.

In short, they've got 4 free Nathaniel Rateliff recordings up for you, so it's probably a good time to check them out. When you go listen, check out Amazon, because they've got the full album from this band for $5, but probably just through the end of January. Rumor has it that the band has a 7" with "Shroud," "Pounds and Pounds," and "This" for sale on tour, but not yet to the masses of us who don't live on the band's tour route. I'm holding out for catching about five of his shows during SXSW though, so I can wait for now.

Mile Marker - Nathaniel Rateliff by StealThisTrack

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