Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sorry if this kills my street cred (I'm not sure I had any though)

I must say though, that this Nike commercial just hits the spot though. Yes, it's the most corporate of corporate (Nike) with a song from a big label band (the Killers), but it's just darn good. Not sure how long the video will stay up on youtube, but watch it if you've got a minute.

I know this is the quintessential postmodern advertising scheme - images of victory, defeat, and despair set to a background of inspirational music that conjures emotion and makes you want to buy $170 shoes - but for what it's worth it's a good one. I have to say that I didn't even pay much attention to it until I saw the end with the final shot of Oscar Pistorius. While he didn't make the Olympics, he won the 100, 200, & 400 meters in the Paralympic games. This guy runs under an 11 second 100 meters.

Almost completely unrelated, but for those of you who saw the movie Murderball, the U.S. Quad Rugby team finally got the redemption they were looking for in Beijing, as they defeated Australia in the gold medal match.

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