Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No more No Depression

I received my last issue ever of No Depression in the mail yesterday.  Brought out a bit of nostalgia when I thought about how ND was once my only lifeline to actual alt country while growing up in the 2nd least populated county in Texas.

While the magazine has fallen out of my interest in recent years, I don't hold it against them that they tried to connect to a little more widespread audience.  After all, most of the super alt country roots rock weirdos black rim glasses wearing folks are too cool to consistently do anything, especially when it involves $20 a year.  

But there is a bright spot or two.  The final issue has an interview with Old 97s, which brings things to closure for me personally.  I remember poring over the Old 97s articles with a fine tooth comb in my mid to late teenage years and wishing so badly I could see them.  (I did finally get to see them in my first year of college, by the way, at what was once the Gypsy Tea Room.  I showed up to the venue at 7 p.m. because I didn't know how shows worked and I was deathly afraid that it would sell out, so I waited for about 2 hours with a couple of other die-hards.)

But back to reality, the article also talks about Murry's new solo album, which is apparently still flying under the radar, although it was officially released earlier this month.  I did find a couple of free downloads here.  The album is entitled I Don't Know Where I'm Going But I'm on My Way.  The tracks sound pretty good I would say.  Hoping to hear it soon.  Murry doesn't even mention it on his myspace, which you would barely know was him without the pictures section.

And if that wasn't enough, the Old 97s have a new album coming in May.  And they are touring again.  And I might turn back into an 18 year old boy when they come through town.  And, sorry this is increasingly disjointed, but also, did you know Rhett recorded a Spanish version of "Question"?

until you come around.

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